New Dresses for Cookie by EvilInnocence

EvilInnocence is currently the most active creator for new clothes for Cookie, Chip, Lil' Bit or SuzyQ2. His latest creations for Cookie are available at RuntimeDNA and exclusive with a Backstage Pass Subscription from his own homepage, which you can find here: .

Most of the dresses are also available for other characters like Victoria 4, Dawn, SuzyQ2 or Aiko 3. Nice Girl Dress is also available for Lil' Bit.

From left to right: Shell Dress for Cookie (RuntimeDNA Real Deal 2,50$), Nice Girl Dress for Cookie (Backstage Pass Exclusive), Nostalgia 1950s Housewife Dress for Cookie (Backstage Pass Exclusive)



Backstage Pass - exclusive Content from EvilInnocence

If you appreciate exclusivity, which can only recommend the new online store of EvilInnocence. Besides the well-known and popular Crossdresser tool, which allows to transfer nearly all clothing from a character to another, you can now get exclusive content for your runtimes.

With a Backstage Pass subscription you have access to exclusive content, only available from his site,  for Cookie and Chip, Victoria and Michael 4, Dawn, several Props and many more. Each week you will get new content for a vey low monthly price.

The Yoga Shirt on the left picture is only one of the many exclusive items. Most of these exclusives are available for different characters like Cookie, Victoria 4, Michael 4, Dawn or the new SuzyQ2.

For more infomations and subscriptions visit his site:







The Unicorn - a new toon animal from Lady Littlefox

Long legs, a long neck, bright eyes. I talk about a new elegant stand-alone toon character, created by Lady Littlefox. But this character is an animal, more specifically ... a unicorn. I know that Regina has a fable for horses and especially for "little ponies", what it will look to the unicorn somehow. The Unicorn and a additional Pose-Pack are available at the RuntimeDNA-Store.

Brand new Toon Characters from Tate & Netherworks Studios

Two brand new toon characters have been available since mid-February in the RuntimeDNA Store. SuzyQ2 and The Dude 2 are prepared to refresh the Toon World. Based on their previous models, the new models have been completely rebuilt and equipped with tons of morphs. But they look now more realistic as their predecessors.

Aside from that, the two figures are supplied with hair and clothing, are also right from the beginning a few more clothes, poses, and additional morphs in the shop. Due to their weight mapped technology, they are not compatible with DAZ Studio and can only be used from Poser 9 upwards.

The bundle with both characters is curently on sale at RuntimeDNA, like the whole additial items for the couple too.

New Crossdresser Licenses

EvilInnocence has designed his store from scratch. The new style looks great and is especially arranged very clearly. The new opening will be celebrated with a big sale, among other licenses for the new Toon Characters SuzyQ 2 and The Dude 2.

But also the Gobbels, Oh No! Jo-Jo and the Toon Generation may now apply the old clothes of Victoria and Michael. The best of all is the new FREE license for Pippin' Basket. You can get all new licenses for Crossdresser on the new shop site of EvilInnocence.