This is my Freebie-Section. For download just click on the related pictures.

Terms of use:

All freebies are free for Commercial & Noncommercial Renders, except for the freebies, where the commercial use is expressly prohibited (see "ReadMe" file or text right to the pictures below). Commercial & Noncommercial texture derivatives are prohibited in any format. You are not allowed to extract any part of these textures to be reused in 3D avatar/chat sites/programs (e.g. Second Life).



Cookie's Evening Handbag

A new exclusive freebie for your Toon Characters.

Small little evening handbag for Cookie, but can be used with any other character (maybe needs scaling or little adjustments).

Texture can be changed easily. Parented versions for both hands included (created by Trumarcar).



Lil Top Character Textures

This is a free texture set for "Lil Top", created by Karth and available at RuntimeDNA.

For Fan-Art only. All rights to the images used belong to the respective rights holders. For this reason, the texture are for your personal, non-commercial use only. Selling of the textures alone or tubes where this textures are used is strictly forbidden.


Turban for Chip

Created as a prize for the 1st Toon Freebie Render Challenge, again with additional help from France.

Comes with two textures.




Cookie Liberty

Created to celebrate the US Independence Day on 4th of July. Most parts created by lovely friend Trumarcar. I have modelled just the crown, the torch and the book.




Gingerbread for Gumdrops

Again a collaboration with Trumarcar. Gingerbread texture for Gumdrop Candy, buttons and eyebrows (eyebrows are Poser only).

Comes with different textures for the gumdrop buttons.


Cookie's Toon Shop

My first freebie, created with a lot of additional help by France, founder of the KCTC.

A little building with a small shop on the ground floor. Created for the first version of this site, called "Cookie & Chip's Toon World".

Cookie, clothes, hair and Toonwolf are not included.



Kiss for Gumdrops

This download contains 4 textures for the Gumdrops, based on the famous 4 characters from the Band "KISS", Demon (Gene Simmons), Starchild (Paul Stanley) , Spaceman (Ace Frehley / Tommy Thayer), and Catman (Pete Criss / Eric Singer).

This texture pack for Gumdrops, was created with the help of Trumarcar's Pierrot Texture for Gumdrops, which you can download on her homepage. Thanks for the kind permission to use the texture as base. (

From fans for fans only. Commercial usage of the textures is strictly not allowed. Usage in Tubes only with permission. KISS and the Kiss-Masks are registerred trademarks of the KISS Group.